An atypical air bag injury?


  • A. De Salvia Dipartimento di Medicina e Sanita Pubblica, Sezione di Medicina Legale, Universita degli Studi di Verona, Verona, Italy
  • L. Sergolini Medico-Iegal Specialist, Padova, Italy
  • D. Pescarolo Private Dental Practitioner, Padova, Italy


The air bag is a passive safety device capable of saving many human lives each year. However, in a certain number of cases, it is itself the source of injuries to the occupants of a motor vehicle, mostly of cutaneous burns. The case describes peculiar abrasions to the enamel of the teeth scraped by the air bag, in particular atypic lesions involving the upper arch showing buccal rings of demineralization associated with roughness of the enamel that progressively assume a trend of fine parallel oblique striae from bottom to top and from left to right, as literature describes for cutaneous burns due to air bag insult.




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De Salvia, A., Sergolini, L., & Pescarolo, D. (2023). An atypical air bag injury?. The Journal of Forensic Odonto-Stomatology - JFOS, 25(2), 57: 60. Retrieved from



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