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Accuracy of Kvaal’s Radiographic and Translucent Dentinal Root Techniques of Extracted Teeth in Malay Adults for Dental Age Estimation

Mohd Yusmiaidil Putera Mohd Yusof, Intan Syakirah Ramli, Ummi Solehah Muhd


The use of teeth to estimate the age of unknown bodies provides much helps especially in skeletal remains with no soft tissues left for identification. However, dental age estimation utilizing degenerative changes in teeth like dentinal translucency is often hampered with large margin of error range. This study aims to compare the accuracy of Kvaal’s radiographic method (intraoral periapical radiograph) with modified Bang-Ramm dentinal root translucency method in estimating dental age in Malay adults. One-hundred teeth of maxillary and mandibular incisors and canine were collected following dental extraction. Date of birth, date of extraction, gender and race were documented prior to extraction. All teeth were assessed using two methods of dental age estimation; 1) The equation from Kvaal’s radiographic method and 2) Formula from modified Bang-Ramm dentinal root translucency method. The results from the age estimation were compared to the chronological age of the persons from whom the teeth were extracted. The average dental age estimated using both methods significantly correlated with the chronological age for both men and women. Overestimation and underestimation with mean absolute error up to 13 years and 15 years was observed in modified Bang-Ramm and Kvaal, respectively. The estimated age calculated from both methods also showed increasing value in range of standard deviation as the patient gets older. From the obtained results it is reasonable to conclude that modified Bang-Ramm method gives better accuracy for dental age estimation in Malay adults.


Dental age estimation, dentinal root translucency, Kvaal’s radiographic method, Bang-Ramm method


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