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Awareness of an Indian dental professional in context to the process and their role in Disaster Victim Identification as a taskmaster

Samarika Dahal


Forensic odontology is a young area in India. Yet it has been utilized in India as an integral component in varieties of medicolegal cases. However, the involvement of a dentist in mass disasters is still not well recognized. The role of the dentists in any unforeseen circumstances to contribute as an adjunct hand in Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) is in an emergent stage in India. This study aimed to assess the knowledge and awareness of Indian dental professionals in the context of their role in DVI. A pre-tested, self-administered anonymous questionnaire consisting of 6 open-ended and 14 close-ended questions was mailed to the participants. A total of 441 responses were recorded. The study indicated adequate knowledge and awareness amongst dental practitioners.  Conversely, only a handful of people had first-hand autopsy experience. Thus, to supplement the skills to work at ground zero, it is recommended to develop hands-on training programs for the dentists in each state to have a task force in each state in India.


Disaster victim identification, Forensic Odontology, India,


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