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quality assurance

Vilma Pinchi


Quality assurance or quality control is a term and concept
coming from the industry. Here it is most important. All
products must have a minimum quality and variation in size,
for example, must be kept within certain strict limits. There
must be a system to control this. May be not every single
product is controlled, but spot tests must be taken. Measures
must be taken to improve the quality if it is not good enough.
This concept has been transferred to medicine, odontology,
and consequently also to forensic odontology. These areas have
in common with industry the production of that certain
products. However, they are usually handmade and not
produced in an industrial process. In addition, dentistry is a
great deal of art and judgement and quality control of these
factors may be difficult. In this paper, I will focus on forensic
odontology. What are the problems? What can we do and
cannot do? In addition, how can we assure the quality of the
work, the assessment and conclusion, and the report? I have
some personal opinions on that and I will give some
Quality assurance on an international level is difficult.
Conditions and juridical systems are different in different
countries. Especially forensic odontologists are different and
have different opinions. This presentation will be relevant to
the ongoing discussion and attempts at revising the IOFOS’
guidelines for quality assurance.


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